Sunday, April 25, 2010


When did we stop being American culture? I am sick to death of hearing about "black culture", white culture, mexican culture and yadda yadda yawn. This is AMERICA people you remember the melting pot of the world. Get the hell over the whole skin color issue and get a clue. There isn't any color better then the other and your skin doesn't jump off your body and do the job for ya.

This whole thing has been set off by the Census. Why do they need to know our skin color? It doesn't matter in the whole big old scheme of things or in the big picture. Here's the picture for ya. Everyone's school's need money everyone's streets need paved and every community needs the dough. There that's settled. Believe it or not the government creates alot of the racism that is still going on today and they help promote the bigotry that people feel towards new arrivals. Though I do have to say you came here I didn't go there learn the language already.

Several times I have been asked my race while filling out the so called Equal Opportunity Employer's job ap's. Why is that info needed. Because if they hire someone of a particular race or nationality they get a BIGGER TAX BREAK. Well that's a bunch of bull. It shouldn't matter because I can flip a damn burger better then someone that has never worked in that field (because of 20 years experiance) and it doesn't matter what their skin color is.

The supposed leaders of these different cultures are also to blame. I've even heard that Obama isn't doing enough for the "black culture". Well ladeda he's mixed what did you expect. That he was going to get elected and send the whites back to England? That's going to happen right after the mexican's go back to Mexico and the blacks go back to whichever country they orginated from. Oh yah we ALL orginated from AMERICA.

So for everyone's info I filled out the census form that my race is HUMAN!!! I'm sick of people caring about skin color. So instead of saying that your of this race or that one how about we all start saying HUMAN RACE or AMERICAN. Now this is kinda jumbled but you can get the jist of it. I decided to write it as if I was talking. and feedback is welcome

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