Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have to say that I am proud of myself. First of all I might have found my brain. I have checked several things off my to do list. One I almost completely - admit it nothing is ever "completely" - organized my office and craft area. The shelves are up and I can find things now LOL. (I'm so proud of Mark) I'm cleaning out my computer right now, answering emails and what not so that tomorrow morning I can WRITE. I'm just going to write something for my blog and then get some notes written for my book. To be honest I can "see" the entire book in my head BUT getting it onto paper is another story. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow. Oh and I’m posting the Prophecy from my book on here.

Monday, I am going to ACTUALLY write on it. The Prophecy, Prologue (sp never looks right to me ugh, thank you spell check ), and the first 2 chapters have been done for months now its onto chapter 3 HEHE I can't wait. I’ll have a little peace then. The kids back in school, Mark job hunting, and my sister is off with her boyfriend. Now to make myself write while they are gone. LOL I wonder how much I will really get done.

I will say that part of my set backs and blocks on this book is that I DID have it completely finished, written, done, complete. BUT!!!! My ex (the sorry ass) and or his mother THREW IT AWAY!!! The only copy! Oh, did I tell you that I had 100,000 words written by hand!!! But I am going to get it written and it will be better then before and I will do it. Notice I keep saying WILL, I’m hoping that it will help me actually get it done

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